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Uni-Lazy is Named a Top Gift Item for the Holidays! (And Stock is Running Low)

Saturday, December 5, 2009 5:04:18 PM America/Chicago

First and foremost we want to let everyone know that the Uni-Lazys are flying off our shelves this Holiday season! We have had a great run so far, and sales continue to grow every day! That being said, if you haven’t purchased your Uni-Lazy(s) or are interested in purchasing more before Christmas, I would strongly encourage you to do so now! We have tried to estimate Holiday sales the best that we could, however our inventory is starting to run low. We have a shipment being delivered the week of Dec. 14th and that will help us to refill some of our stock, but not all. There are still certain sizes and colors that we will soon be out of that won’t be replenished until after Christmas.

On the same note, we owe a lot of our Holiday sales (and therefore our underestimation of how many Uni-Lazys we would need on hand) to many various websites that have the Uni-Lazy listed as a top gift this Holiday season! One such website to check out is www.hollywoodtoday.net. They are running the 28 days of Christmas gift ideas, with the Uni-Lazy being Day 1!

Thanks again to everyone that has helped to make this a great Holiday season for us! As always, we are here to help and encourage any and all feedback!

Have a safe and happy Holidays from us here at Forever Lazy!

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