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Free Worldwide Shipping on orders over $75!

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Uni-Lazy Return Rate

Wednesday, January 20, 2010 12:51:07 PM America/Chicago

Our return policy reads, 365 days, free returns, any reason. People warned us that having such a generous return policy would lead to people exploiting Forever Lazy and our return policy. Nearly 5 months later, we are proud to say our return rate sits at 2.4%. We decided to implement such a generous return/exchange policy to make shopping with Forever Lazy easy and risk-free. When visitors are contemplating purchasing with us, we want them to know they have nothing to lose if they are not satisfied. The numbers tell the story here, when people shop with us they ARE satisfied with their purchase 97.6% of the time. To give you some perspective, we have read that the average return rate for online retailers is anywhere from 20% - 30%. To report a rate that is merely a fraction of the industry average makes us proud of the comfort, quality, and overall awesomeness of the Uni-Lazy.
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