Why did I even set my alarm?
I know I was just going to hit snooze
It's impossible to get out of bed
While wearing my Workday Blues

Workday Blues Onesie

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300 gsm

85% Polyester / 15% Cotton

This Workday Blues Onesie Pajama is the perfect marriage between the most comfortable polyester / cotton fabric blend on the planet and the most innovative lazy design work.

A baggy fit allows for you to get comfortable in any position without having to worry about your adult onesie cutting off circulation to any important regions.

Front zipper is a double-pull zipper. It opens from the top as well as the bottom (for the guys).

With a hoodie to keep your head warm and a drop seat back that allows the user to use the restroom without having to remove the entire onesie; what more could you ask for?! And since it’s the Uni-Lazy, that also means Uni-Sex… It serves as both men’s pajamas and women’s pajamas.