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Kids Paddy Swaggin Onesie
Tight jeans aren't cool I don't know why you're braggin' All day today I'll be loungin' Wearing my Paddy Swaggin'

Kids Paddy Swaggin Onesie

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Kids Paddy Swaggin Onesie has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 9 reviews.

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Non Footed

200 gsm

100% Polyester Fleece

Want to have a family photo that’s not the usual boring portrait? Have everyone in the family jump into a their favorite onesie. Our most popular onesie pajamas are now available in a kids sizes starting at XS (ages 4 / 5) and go up through XXL in adult sizes, and the fleecy interior is very comfy. Kids will love the flexibility of this onesie, and the fact that it can zip up from the top or bottom, as well as comes with a rear zipper drop seat, will provide hours of fascination - which means more relaxation time for you.