Hey Guys whats up? I just received my first Uni-Lazy or as we refer to it "the sack" today, and it is so awesome that I immediately ordered another one in Camo and Renee ordered another in pink. I took it to work and tried it on for everyone and now they all want one. They know a kick ass idea when they see one. Anyway just a heads up to say how friggin terrific the Uni-Lazy is, now I can finally begin to live like a human being lol. P.S. if you ever need a sales reps up here in Canada we're your guys hahahaha. Thanks for being so Lazy.
- David

I did receive "the Lazy" yesterday. It is everything you say it is....soft, roomy, warm and wonderful. Hell, I just woke up now!! I had the most relaxing 24 hour nap in my life...thanks to your ingenuity. As the Guiness boys remark, "Brilliant"
- Paul D. Burg

I just had surgery on my neck and hip six days ago and these were the best things to wear due the access to the incisions. I know you will be getting many new orders from the pre-op nurses, anesthesiologists, surgeons, all my nurses during my four day stay, physical therapists, etc. Everybody that saw me asked me about what I was wearing and of course I told them about your website. Even the other patients that saw me in pure comfort not having to wear the nasty hospital gown yet still have enough openings for all the tube openings for monitors and such. I knew it would be comfortable but I had no idea it was as perfect as it turned out to be. I will keep on spreading the word as I am in physical therapy for a while recovering from surgery and will be in comfy lazy suits for months. Thanks again for such a brilliant product! Market to hospitals, they keep them so cold that it was so nice to get out of the tissue gown and get into my snuggle sack. Bliss at last, along with the pain pump. Again, thanks.
-Jenni Trnka

We just recieved our UNILAZY's! I am absolutely thrilled! They are so cozy and absolutely perfect for the couple who pride themselves on living a laid back lifestyle! Thank you so much for sending them out by faster delivery! You guys ROCK! I will definately recommend to all my friends!
-Jennifer Burkett

My life changed for the lazy the other day, when the kindly Fed-Ex lady brought to my door quite possibly the greatest human invention in the world. I have worn my Uni-Lazy as much as possible since then, and have no plans in changing that anytime soon. Thank you guys so much for changing the face of humanity on couches as we know it.

Dave!!! Apparently *YOU GUYS* are "what's happening" *buddy*!! That sounds "awesome"!! I just read the "testimonials" page, and i'm happy to say i'm not surprised at your "attention to detail".....you guys have this "customer service" thing down pat! And that's very refreshing in a world gone 'rude'!! LOL I'm looking forward to getting my "suit" which i'm thinking will not be off until spring!! After 60 years i've finally fallen in love with fleece, and this will be the center of my collection!! Thanks again for the great service!! :o)

I can't take this damned thing off!! It's too comfortable and fun to wear!! That is why I just order three more colors last night so I can jump outta one pair and right into another without suffering any or very limited withdrawals (don't want no Uni-Lazy DTs!!!).

O H< M Y< G O O D N E S S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The UNI-LAZY is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!! I just got it today and wore it over my swimsuit to water aerobics! What an excellent product! It is 35 degrees and I was so warm going to water class and then wearing it home! No need to take alot of clothes! Just Uni lazy and you're set! This won't be the last one I get! Thanks so much for this product!
-Laura Cravy

Such fast service! I ordered my Unilazy on Tuesday and received it on Thursday. And what a well made, good quality product. Thank you.
-Kathryn Holland

My husband and I are relaxing for the evening in our UniLazies that just arrived today. I was a big fan of the Snuggly, but the UniLazy puts it to shame! I want to live in my UniLazy and Crocs from now on. Thank you!

I am so impressed by the quality of the Unilazy. Very well made and "oh so snuggly". Perfect for these cold Minnesota winters. I think they have them in heaven. Much more comfy than wings.

Hi! Just wanted to say I received my uni lazies yesterday! Was surprised at how fast they made it! Thank you so much. I will never be cold again! I live in the canadian rockies.. it was -33 'C last week. lol. I NEED this! So thank you! Also the most comfortable thing i've ever worn. I'm sure you get that alot, but no joke, I am in love! Hahaha

I live in Buffalo, NY and I recommend these for anyone who lives in a cold climate. When I first put these on I could not believe how comfortable they were. Then I couldn't believe how warm it was. I was almost too hot, which is surprising, because I'm always cold. It's a great purchase it you want to turn your heat down this winter to save some money. I love the hoodie and the pockets were huge. You will not be disappointed.

Hello I bought one of yealls gray uni lazy pjs and I just got a letter from you all thanking me. I love mine it is so comfortable!

Thanks for the Christmas Card. It was a nice thing to do. I hope your sales do well this year. It looks like the quality of the forever lazy is great. These are Christmas gifts for a couple of college students at St Cloud State in Minnesota. The Fraternity house is very cold. This will help with great joy.
Merry Christmas

I just received the UniLazy in Gray. I love it. I couldn't believe how well made they are...very impressive.

Wow! I am officially in love with the uni-lazy, my husband got one for me for x-mas and it was a huge hit. I am almost embarrassed to say I hardly taken it off since I got it, its sooo comfy! Thanks guys!

I just want to say thanks, for the absolutely awesome customer service. today I had some hang ups with the web site to order, and I called in to get some help. thanks for your product, and thanks for all of your help. i will definitely be making more orders in the future. this is a great gift idea!!

Now that i see that you've put work into optimizing a childhood comfort garment by putting some THOUGHT into it -- i'm kinda interested to wear this mother fuc*** to the casino / club / wherever just to get some reactions. and i'm sure it'll be tight for online poker players that slouch around all day in front of their computers.

Good morning Guys, Received the 'Bunny Suits' safely, thank you very much. They are just great, the quality is beyond my expectations. Wish you much success in your business!

I just wanted to say that I recently bought your loungewear and I love it! Its very comfortable and warm. In fact, its so comfortable that my girlfriend has took to wearing my PJ's. Once again I thanks for making such a great product!

Wow, you're pretty awesome! But subtle...more like an awesome ninja. I'm sure that the you're very busy at this time of year with both the cooler weather… but I appreciate the attention and really good customer service that I've received from you thus far.

Tyler & Dave, Thanks for your help last week and nailing down a Large Gray Uni-Lazy & pledging to overnight it at no extra cost. I really appreciate it. Especially the quick and concise communications.

You guys are absolutely genius!! I remember they days of footy pj's (I was born in 79) and brown winter coats with one white stripe, two if you were cool. You have no idea how many times in the past 15 years of my life that I have thought to myself "Why won't anyone offer footy pj's for adults?!". You have solved this dilemma for me and with champion design! Removing the feet should award you a Nobel Prize!!

Can I tell you both that I love my Uni-Lazy sooo much!? Last week I was sick all week. That was my blankie. Got me through a week-long flu…This week we started out with freezing cold pouring wet weather. Every morn and night, lazy on over my nightie. Cleaning dog poop, doing outside morning chores. This is the greatest invention!

My husband LOVES his Uni-lazy!! He says it fits great, it is warm and very comfortable.