Leopard Uni-Lazy, XS

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The Uni-Lazy is the perfect marriage between the most comfortable fleece fabric on the planet and the most innovative lazy design work. A baggy fit allows for you to get comfortable in any position without having to worry about the Uni-Lazy cutting off circulation to any important regions. The hood allows the user to stay warm even in the coldest of weather. With deep side pockets, personal belongings will be safe without the worry of items falling out. The drop seat back gives the user the option of using the restroom without having to remove the entire garment. Furthermore, a double pull zipper allows for the guys to take care of business without having to unzip the entire front of the Uni-Lazy. It just doesn’t get any lazier than that!
- Comfortable fleece
- Hooded, deep side pockets, and drop seat-back
- Double-pull zipper for you gentlemen out there