Over the last 6 months Forever Lazy has searched tirelessly to find the laziest and softest lightweight fabric for our fleece alternative.  After all, even though it is getting warmer, we all still need to be lazy!  Our search has lead us to a Bamboo/Cotton Blend fabric.  Initially, we thought about releasing the standard 100% cotton or cotton flannel material as a lightweight alternative, since that seems to be the way that most companies go.  However, we decided to raise the stakes and one-up the market by introducing this up-and-coming ultra lazy Bamboo Blend.  This is why…

  • Enhanced Lounging Comfort: bamboo is naturally breathable and quickly draws moisture away from the body and releases it through evaporation
  • Super Soft: as a textile bamboo has a soft, smooth feel and when combined with cotton has added strength and durability
  • Odor Resistant: bamboo will not hold odors
  • Hypoallergenic: bamboo makes a hypoallergenic fabric
  • No Harmful Chemicals: because bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial, no pesticides are used while it is grown
  • Earth Friendly: bamboo is one of the most sustainable of all natural fibers and is 100% biodegradable when returned to the earth. The production process to make bamboo into a textile has a much lower impact on the environment than other fabrics

And for those that are looking to dress to impress, the “Business Casual” Uni-Lazy is the way to go!  Trust us, we know all about style… after all, we sell adult onesies.