Are your onesies unisex?
Absolutely! Although we don’t anticipate too many guys ordering pink…
What size Uni-Lazy should I order?
Please refer to our sizing chart. Size chart recommendations provide a loose and baggy fit, therefore sizes run big. Women can push the height limits as displayed on the size chart by 1-2 inches because our products are unisex and men need more room in the crotch. For females between sizes we recommend sizing down. For males between sizes we recommend sizing up.
How do I best care for my Uni-Lazy?
We recommend that you wash cold and tumble dry on low with like colors. Do not iron. Treat the Heavyweight Sweatshirt Onesies as you would wash a sweatshirt. Taking it out of the dryer while still damp and allowing it to finish by hang drying is ideal to prevent shrinkage.
What is Your Shipping Policy?
Forever Lazy's shipping policy is very simple. You should expect your order to arrive in 2-4 business days of the purchase when using Standard shipping options. You can also upgrade your shipping using FedEx Express services as you deem necessary. All Express shipments have an order deadline of 2pm CST in order to be shipped that same day.  For International orders, we ship via a UPS international shipping consolidator or FedEX Ground, and our website automatically calculates the exact shipping charges that we have to pay and bills you accordingly. **Forever Lazy will not be held accountable for shipping-related delays that are the fault of the carrier. Also,if the customer inputs an incorrect or invalid shipping address that results in the package being undeliverable, the customer is responsible for all costs associated with re-shipping the item should they want the item re-shipped. Otherwise, we will offer a refund for the cost of the item. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.
How long does the Standard shipping option take?
Standard Domestic Shipping is done via either the US Post Office or FedEx. Usually the package will arrive in 2-4 business days. Standard International Shipping is done through a shipping consolidator, Asendia USA, that partners with local delivery agents in the destination country. Delivery is usually made in 6 -10 business days, however delivery times may vary between countries due to each country's customs clearance wait times.
Do you ship internationally?
The only country we ship to outside the United States is Canada. For customers outside of the US and Canada you can search for our products on as they may be able to deliver to your international location. Standard international shipping to Canada takes between 6 - 10 business days depending on location and customs clearance times in each individual country. **Please note that additional duties/taxes may be imposed by Canada according to their own import laws. This is separate of shipping and varies by each country.
Will I be charged duties and taxes?
Duties and taxes are not included in your order total at checkout. Payment of any duties or taxes is the responsibility of the recipient and will be collected at the time of delivery. Duties and taxes are determined by the customs agency within the destination country and are based on the value of the order and the tax-free threshold, if one exists, for imported goods. If you’d like to return an international order, you may be eligible to receive a refund of duty and taxes from your local customs office. More information can be obtained by contacting your local customs office or tax agency.
See our Returns/Exchanges page.
Why the Koala?
Well, it just so happens that the koala is one of the laziest animals on earth. I’m sure you are all thinking, “No… it’s the sloth.” Sure, the sloth may move really slowly, however the koala has been known to sleep up to 22 hours a day! The koala just hangs out in his tree, wakes up and munches on a couple leaves, and goes right back to sleep. Now that’s forever lazy!
Do you offer wholesale accounts and/or discounts?
Yes! We are always interested in opening new wholesale accounts. Contact us for further information.
Do you offer customization / embroidery?
We no longer offer customization and embroidery.
What is the difference between the Fleece Onesies and the Heavyweight Sweatshirt Material Onesies?
Our Fleece Onesies are a 100% polyester, middle-weight fabric of 200gsm. They are the perfect weight for lounging around at home and can also keep you warm if venturing outside. The Heavyweight Sweatshirt Material Onesies are 50% warmer than our fleece and are made of 85% polyester 15% cotton blend of 300gsm weighted fabric. Although they are 50% warmer, they still breathe well enough that you shouldn’t overheat.
My order says “Delivered” but I didn’t receive anything. What’s going on?!
Sometimes when we ship via the US Post Office, the mailman might not have a safe/secure enough spot to leave your package so he/she will take it back to the post office for pickup there. The mailman is supposed to leave a note indicating that your package is waiting back at your local post office, however sometimes they fail to do so. Most of the time, if you check with your local post office, they will have your package there. If your package is being delivered via FedEx, sometimes packages are marked as delivered, but show up the next day. If neither of these solutions help you to locate your package please give us a call and we’d be happy to work with you on finding a solution.
Has my order shipped yet?
First, you should check your spam folder. Sometimes our shipment confirmation emails get filtered into the trash. Other times the customer has incorrectly entered their email address, so the email never makes it to the customer. Does your order have embroidery? If so, that adds an additional 5 business days before your order can ship. We do assign a shipping label right away and therefore you will get a shipment confirmation email, however the tracking will not become active until your order is finished with embroidery and ships out.
Why was my credit card charged a different amount than my order total?
Are you an International customer using a different currency other than USD? If so, there is going to be a currency conversion that takes place before the final amount posts to your credit card in your country’s currency. Our website is pretty close with its Canadian currency converter, but there may be a slight variation based on the exact exchange rate that day. Also, your bank may issue their own fees for International purchases, so please check with your bank first if there is any discrepancy in charges.