Every now and again, two things tend to happen. The first: We get awesome feedback from our customers. The second: Some people mention that the legs of the Uni-Lazy are a little too long for their body type. Now, since the Uni-Lazy has to accommodate people of all different heights and weights, and since it is a one-piece garment, it’s better to error on the side of caution by having the legs be too long than it is to have them be too short. One of our favorite customers, Arlen from Kansas, has made a fantastic modification to remedy long legs. With his permission, we thought that we would share this modification with everybody else! Here it is, just as Arlen wrote it…

“Thanks for the shout back Dave...I also wanted to touch on a modification I made this morning on my grays. I purchased a cheap set of hammer-on snaps at WalMart, rolled my long Uni's legs up to right past the double seam (it will be on the inside of the roll) and put two snaps, one front and one back...directly opposite of the leg seams (as they are both stiff, heavy and capable of self support on the outside and inside seams). This mod puts the bottom of the pant legs about two inches higher and keeps them from getting under my heals but, at the same time, also allows for the thickness of my boot and Croc soles by simply unsnapping. Also, the snaps are the ring type where the material shows in the center ... they are almost invisible unless someone is looking for them. HA!! I'm just having to damn much fun with these darned things...Gives my 62 year old, tired, double retired, former lifetime military, butt something to do....hahaha! HOOAH guys!!”

Additional note from Arlen: “Just to be clear of my modification...the fold of the cuff is to the INSIDE not outside like old James Dean 501 jeans...HA!”

This is reason #14,508 why we love our customers and value their input!!

Thanks Arlen!!