In order to ensure that we were on the right track with our product, we reported ourselves to the Fashion Police in hopes that the uppidy fashionistas from New York and LA would absolutely hate our product... and we were right.   In fact, we are thrilled that we are despised by those who endorse pricey, absurd looking, high-end fashion.

We figure that there are two types of people.  1.  The kind that spends all sorts of money on designer clothing and anything else they can find that will make them appear "cool", as these people are very self-conscious and really care about how they are perceived by others.  2. The kind of people that really don't give a damn what anybody else thinks.  They are comfortable in their own skin and will do or wear whatever they so choose.  The latter are the ideal Forever Lazy customers, whereas the former identify themselves with the ideals of the Fashion Police.  

Therefore, we plead guilty as charged to this crime against fashion.  

The main gripe of the Fashion Police seems to be that we endorse wearing the Uni-Lazy anywhere and at anytime.  "The difference between this and other such products, however, is that the makers of the Uni-Lazy suggest that, rather than just wearing it to bed or around the house, it would be the perfect garment to wear… why, just about anywhere!"

We understand and can appreciate that many people will purchase products like the Uni-Lazy for use soley in the comforts of their own home, either in bed as sleepwear, or just for lounging around on the couch.  However, we encourage all users of the Uni-Lazy to take it one step further and wear the Uni-Lazy wherever they so please!

What the Fashion Police dosent understand is that by wearing the Uni-Lazy in public, he or she will be more unique than others, more entertaining and extroverted than others, and more importantly, more comfortable than others.

One thing is for certain, we know the Uni-Lazy is more comfortable than high end fashion, and we are confident wearers of the Uni-Lazy will exude more creativity, exuberance, confidence, and just plain awesomeness compared to any designer garment.

Therefore, we choose the Uni-Lazy over designer jeans any day of the week, and twice on Sunday.

Let us know what you think.