We just finished our negotiations late Tuesday evening with our overseas export company that has been in charge of completing our order for the NEW Bamboo blend Uni-Lazies.  As a result, they are set to ship next week with an estimated arrival date to the Forever Lazy HQ of June 12th.  We couldn’t be more excited!  This order has been long in the works and is finally going to be available for all of our customers that have been so patiently waiting.  Due to the amount of people that we have on our waiting list, we have decided to open up pre-orders on the Bamboo starting in two weeks.  All orders will ship out upon arrival, which to play it safe will be mid to late June.   

Now on to the contest!!  We need some more awesome names for our 3 NEW colors.  The winner for each color will win a FREE Uni-Lazy of the color that they have named.  So for example, if you have the winning name for the Black Bamboo Uni-Lazy, you will be awarded a Black Bamboo Uni-Lazy in whatever size you specify.  The contest is good until 2 weeks from today, which will be Thursday, May 20, 2010. 


Frankly, we’re way too lazy to name these guys ourselves, so we think this is a fair trade.  So send us an email at and put “Bamboo Naming Contest” in the subject box, then let us know what you’ve got! 

Thanks and stay lazy!