Somebody once told me there are three things that are certain in life, 1) Taxes, 2) Me not having a date on Valentine's Day, and 3) Sales during the Holiday Season. Starting today, we will be kicking off our “Different Sale Every Day Promotion.”

How it works? Forever Lazy will implement a different sale every day. We figure, if you are not satisfied with a given daily sale; instead of depriving you of a Uni-Lazy, if you continually check back there is a great chance you can find the price that is right for you, NOT us.

We understand given this economy, consumers are looking for great bargains when shopping. So Forever Lazy is happy to help out. We are putting our money where our mouth is when we say our ultimate goal is to provide awesome value, NOT bolster inflated margins. In our eyes, it would be a damn shame to deprive anybody [who wants it] of the laziest and most comfortable garment alive!

Check out the “Shop” tab to see what today’s current price is.

Note: The sale price offered is only good on that day. Unfortunately we cannot offer our best sale every day because on those days, we literally LOSE money. In order for us to successfully run our business and continue on into the future, we have to make some profit. Regardless, we guarantee that every day you will get an awesome value. So check back frequently until the price is right for you!