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--To describe a Uni-Lazy in 500 words or less is a challenge! But to compare how it is better than a Snuggie truly only takes 4 words “There is no comparison!”.  With that being said, the differences are numerous but I’ll keep it simple.  A snuggie is a blanket with arms very similar to a hospital gown and we all know how exposed you feel when you’re in a hospital gown! A Uni-Lazy is so much better because you are 100% secure in it! We put ours on and never want to get out of it and the drop seat (also known to us as the butt hatch) makes that possible! There is no draft in the uni-lazy unlike the snuggie when you do anything other than sit with it.  A Uni-Lazy unlike the snuggie is large enough that you can put it on over clothes when camping in cold weather or wear nothing underneath in the warmer weather!!  No one wants to see someone in a Snuggie with nothing on walk around. A Uni-Lazy allows you full movement so you can go about your day as normal.  Whether you are lounging in your Uni Lazy, going on a walk or playing horse shoes the Uni-Lazy is perfect! So, my challenge to the Snuggie fan would be simple-for one day wear only your Snuggie and go about your normal activities. It probably wont last long to say the least but on the other hand, anyone can put on a comfy Uni-lazy and there is nothing you cant do including doing nothing!