Forever Lazy Fall

Happy Fall from all of your friends at Forever Lazy! While you all brace for the colder temperatures, we are quickly heading into our busy season and can't wait to get you all in a new Forever Lazy this lazy season. We have a couple of pieces of information we would like to keep you all updated about. First and foremost, we are growing and selling onesies at an alarming rate, so thank you all for buying onesies and being lazy in them. Without you, we would be even lazier than we already are. Packaging orders at least makes us move every once in awhile. We digress. Last winter, we experimented with a new sweatshirt material onesie. It was very successful, and as a result, we will be continuing these onesies. They are non-footed, and feature an 85% polyester, 15% cotton material that is slightly heavier than our deluxe fleece onesies. As the holiday season approaches, we decided to fuse our sweatshirt onesie with an awesome holiday pattern. The result was our all-new, Fair Isle Red and Fair Isle Green onesie pajama. Another new print that we have in stock and ready for purchase is our all-new, American Dreamer deluxe onesie. The American Dreamer is one of our favorite prints to date, and features a giant American flag that covers the entire onesie. Stars, stripes, and a onesie. How can you beat that? Anyways, be sure to check out those three new prints and keep in mind we have the sweatshirt onesies in addition to our fleece onesies. Same deep pockets, same hood, same drawstring cord, same zippered drop seat, just a new, heavyweight material. And, we have at least two new prints coming out soon, one of which we had those of you who "like" us on Facebook help us out with, which will feature everyone's favorite cold, frothy beverage: beer. Stay tuned for more updates and news!