A lot of ladies who are Forever Lazy fans have questioned why the Fuchsia Uni-Lazy is suddenly out of stock on the website.  As much as we would like to say we have sold through them too quickly, the truth is that we made a mistake and had to take Fuchsia off the website to prevent confusion.

The issue with the Fuchsia is that it is sized differently than the rest of the gender neutral Uni-Lazys.  Throughout the production process, we had referred to Fuchsia as the “women's color” with our manufacturer, as we wanted this color produced in quantities different from the others (ie. not as many XL and L cut, as typically not as many women fall into this size category).  Well, what ended up happening is that there was a misunderstanding between ourselves and our manufacturer which resulted in all the Fuchsias getting cut and graded differently, and therefore they do not follow our sizing chart!  You see, something that we learned from this is that the grading (variations between sizes) is usually done at 1.5 inches between sizes for women, and 2 inches between sizes for men.  So, even though we thought that everything was being graded by the same standards, in fact the Fuchsia was being graded by women's standards.  Needless to say, from now on we never speak in terms of "men's" or "women's," but only in terms of "Uni-Lazys."

To give you some perspective, a Large Fuchsia is a little bit smaller than a Medium in any other color.  This is a problem for us because we want to make sure our customers are buying a Fuchsia that fits them great and follows our sizing chart.  For us, we pride ourselves on making it easy for our customers to make the best decision possible regarding their Uni-Lazys.

Henceforth, we have "hidden" the Fuchsias on the website.  However, the Fuchsias will be available for sale, it will just require a call so that we can activate them for you on the online store.  The great news is these Fuchsias will be discounted to be anywhere between $35 and $40, depending on the sale.  You will be able to buy them by contacting us either at our toll free number 877-395-LAZY (5299) or by email at contact@foreverlazy.com.  Once contacted, we will then immediately make the requested size/quantity of Fuchsias available for you to purchase on the website.

Just understand, if you fall into one size on the sizing chart you will need to order one size bigger in the Fuchsia.  And because it was originally graded to be “women's” your Uni-Lazy will be a little more form fitting in the legs, waist and butt, and with a little less room in the crotch (which I would hope is not an issue for our female customers).

Please let us know if there is any further clarification needed!

Thanks and Stay Lazy!