It was a brisk night on the shores of Lake Mendota as a few buddies and ourselves were sitting around having a few beers.  Since there was a bit of a chill in the air, we decided to throw on the Uni-Lazys.  As the night wore on, and the hour approached 11pm, it was time to hit the bar scene.  Since we were completely relaxed and comfortable in our Uni-Lazys, we figured "Why not?!  Let's wear them straight to the bars."  So, we strolled down the streets of Madison, across State Street, and over to our favorite bar... The Church Key. Once in line, the night started to get interesting. 

As we got into the line, a group of girls started telling us how much they liked our attire (Awesome!!) and told us to come join them in the front of the line.  At this point they said, "Hey pajama boys, (which we immediately corrected and said "No, Uni-Lazy boys!") you can go in front of us because we like you guys."  Sweet! 

Once inside, we headed straight for the bar to see what was on special for the night.  Almost immediately, the bar crowd started catching on.  The next couple hours involved a bunch of people coming up to us and asking about our awesome attire.  We went along meeting almost everyone in the bar and depleting our supply of business cards. 

I'd have to say my (Dave) best experience was when a very attractive girl caught me off guard and started rubbing herself on me from behind, exclaiming that my outfit was the softest thing she had ever felt.  I was flattered, but I immediately told her she needed to slow down a bit before things got awkward for me... and it would have been *hard* for me to explain my way out of.

At one point, we thought the night was going to end really well for us... but since we were about as smooth as, well, something that's not very smooth (maybe sand paper?), the night ended a little differently.... read on.

The best friend we made was a Little Person in a wheel chair.  Awesome guy!  He enjoyed our company and wanted to meet our friends and hang out with us, to which we obliged.  At bar time, we helped to carry his chair down the stairs and out of the bar.  Our new buddy then asked if we wouldn't mind pushing him home.  We figured, sure why not? So, after wheeling him over a mile home (he said right down the street) we got him up to his room.  At this point, we realized that our friend might have had a few too many drinks as he asked us if we wanted to watch some porn with him...  Caught off guard and not wanting to make him feel bad, we reluctantly said yes....  Well, fortunately for us, his internet connection was down, which was our cue to hit the road. 

Moral of the story:  Our night was a little more interesting and awesome than usual because of the Uni-Lazys.