Here at Forever Lazy, we have always said that the main driving force of our success has always been our loyal customers and fans.  They help to spread the word of laziness to everyone that they know, which in turn helps to increase our sales and keep us going forward.  Therefore, we have been hard at work trying to figure out the best way to reward all those that have helped us to grow; the result being our new Refer-a-Friend Program. 

How it works…  All you have to do is create an account (if you haven’t already) and then click on the big Refer-a-Friend button on our home page.  At that point, you will see a page like this…



All you have to do is type in your friends’ names and email addresses and our system will send them an invitation to check out Forever Lazy.  They will also receive a $5 off coupon in this email.  Then, when one or more of your friends uses that $5 off coupon to make a purchase, we will credit your account $15 Lazy Dollars (store credits) the next day.  There is no limit to how many people you can refer or how many credits that you can earn, so if you know a bunch of lazy people who enjoy being comfortable, you can build a lazy and comfortable wardrobe for free!  Then, just login to your account and add to your cart the item(s) that you want.  When you are going through the checkout process, you will see a payment option that will allow you to apply your available “Lazy Dollars” to your purchase. 

 Also, the first person to reach 10 referred friends will get a $50 gift certificate to Best Buy!!

*Note: Shipping charges are not covered because those charges are calculated through our shipping companies separately from our store.