*Letter to our Customers*

Forever Lazy has learned some important lessons since we sold our first Uni-Lazy back in August of 2009.

The biggest thing we learned is that for Forever Lazy to continue to grow, it will be because of the support and loyalty of our customer base. Still being a relatively small business, we are so fortunate to have customers that love our product and are willing to spread the word to both their friends and family. We believe that this organic growth within our core group of customers is what is going to propel us into 2011 and beyond.

In talking with our customers, the common component in deciding whether to buy or re-buy with Forever Lazy comes down to one thing, PRICE!  And given today’s economy we completely understand.

Today, we take action on this feedback and the numerous emails begging for better prices. We are eliminating the lion’s share of our promoting and advertising, and are re-pricing our entire assortment to the prices you asked us for.

We are also calling upon the help of different manufacturers to utilize larger runs of production so we can take those cost discounts and pass those savings onto our customers.

Rest assured, the only thing changing about our product is the price. The quality and comfort of the Uni-Lazy has not, and will not ever be sacrificed under any circumstance! As always, our goal is to provide the highest quality products possible, and at a price that everyone can afford.

Thanks and Stay Lazy!

Dave and Tyler