*March Lazy Contest*

A couple weeks ago the founders of Forever Lazy, Dave and Tyler, appeared on the “Phil Cast” hosted by Phil Cianciola, the biggest name in Milwaukee Radio. The topic of discussion revolved around the “Art of Being Forever Lazy.” Let me tell you, there was nothing more enjoyable than lounging in Phil’s “Man Cave” just talking about how to be Forever Lazy.


In the midst of our discussion, Phil had proposed a contest for the  month of March. He came up with the idea of having listeners write  or call in to tell Phil why THEY are the laziest individuals and  deserve a Uni-Lazy. Kudos to Phil for a fantastic March contest  idea, and naturally we volunteered two free Uni-Lazys to the top two  laziest individuals with the best stories. Whether you were sitting on a beanbag for a day and a half with pizza, good music and writing free ads to sell that exercise bike of yours, or told a friend your  dinner was burning on MSN before turning the oven off, write in and tell us.

We want to invite all of our customers to participate in this contest as well. Tell us why you are so lazy and why the Uni-Lazy would be perfect for you, and your submissions will be reviewed and considered.


Throughout the month, we will be posting what we perceive as some of the front runners’ submissions so you know just the level of laziness your are up against!

Check out the podcast at…

We start at approximately 34 minutes into the podcast, right after the song.