We at Forever Lazy had never heard of the childrens book “Where the Wild Things Are.”  Nor did we have any idea there was a movie that would be premiering October 16th, 2009.  That all changed about two weeks ago when we started getting flooded with emails and phone calls indicating they needed the Gray Uni-Lazy because it was a spot on match to the outfit Max sports in the movie.  I have counted 7 times being told we have both been deprived as children for not knowing about this book. 

Needless to say, this unexpected demand for Grays has resulted in us being out of stock in many sizes of the Gray.  Have no fear, we will be back in stock by no later than Friday October 23rd, which will be just in time for Halloween. 

If you are interested in ordering a Gray of a current out of stock size (XS,M, and L) we suggest sending us an email at indicating your interest so we can notify you the second we receive these grays.  This way we can get these all sent out the day we receive them.

Check out the similarity between Tyler in his Gray Uni-Lazy in his sweet mustache and Burger King crown…nearly a spot on match (minus the mustache) to Max in Where the Wild Things Are, don’t you think?