As summer ends and Uni-Lazy season rapidly approaches, we are getting extremely excited about what we have in store for this Fall/Winter! While everyone was out enjoying the beautiful summer weather, we were busy working on developing our Children’s line as well as selecting a few new colors to add to the Uni-Lazy mix. In about 4 weeks, we hope to be releasing the following new fleece colors: Brown, Blaze Orange, Purple, and Royal Blue. At this point, the Comatose Camo and Triflin’ Taupe will be completely back in stock as well. The 4 new colors are going to be sold as “Limited Edition” Uni-Lazies because we are only having a small amount made so that we can test how well they sell. If any or all of them are popular, we will bring them back at a later date as a permanent Uni-Lazy color. As for our Children’s line and the Robin Hoodie Green and Hanky Pinky Fuchsia, we hope to have these all available by approximately November 1st. We are really excited about these new colors and our Children’s line and hope that all of you are as well! Thanks and Stay Lazy!