Tuesday, September 16, 2014 1:44:02 PM America/Chicago Our customers have always loved that they can customize their onesies with embroidery text that runs across the left chest of the pajama. Over time, we had received countless inquiries from customers asking about embroidery on different locations of the onesie. Accordingly, we have just updated our website to include embroidery options on the upper back and on the drop seat, in much larger letters. The cost for left chest embroidery is $10, upper back embroidery is $15, and drop seat embroidery is $15. For each option, you are allowed up to 10 characters of text. If you are interested in embroidery but have other special requests, we can almost certainly accomodate those requests. For example we can embroider logos, different fonts, varying dimensions, additional text characters, etc. For more information and quotes regarding special requests, please contact us at Lazily, FL Team