Return of the Children's Lazy

A few years ago, we experimented with a small line of Children’s Onesies for children between the sizes of 4 and 12. This program only lasted a very brief time because the line was released only a couple months before we signed our Infomercial contracts. At that point, the infomercial company decided to proceed only with our adult line. When the contracts ended and we took the business back, we wanted to focus first on rebuilding our adult onesie selection. Now that we have successfully done that, we are ready to set our sights on the reintroduction of our Children’s Lazies. The Children’s Lazies are currently in pre-production and set to be launched this coming Fall season. They will be released in some of our top selling adult styles of Gray, Pink, Big Chimpin’ and Green Camo, as well as our new American Flag print. To begin with, we will only be launching the non-footed style until we get a good estimate of demand. At that point, we may choose to add the footed style to future reorders. Stay tuned to this channel for more updates! In extreme laziness, Forever Lazy