ForeverLazy.com has been launched for about a week now.  We are confident we have released an awesome product that people will find both comfortable and entertaining.  Now we need to figure out how to spread the word and get these Uni-Lazys into circulation.  We believe the quality of our product will speak for itself and word of mouth will be the driving force behind Forever Lazy.

Thus far, our friends have been the biggest key in getting Forever Lazy into circulation.  Either via facebook, twitter, emails, word of mouth, or any other networking vehicle, our friends have been beyond supportive in trying to get this business off the ground.  And we are greatly appreciative...

So we figure that instead of spending an obsence amount of money (that we don't have) on mainstream marketing methods where there is too much noise to be heard, we decided to compensate and show our thanks to all of our friends who are actively promoting Forever Lazy for us.  Its a win-win for us, we get to show our thanks by providing our supporters with Uni-Lazys at the lowest price possible, and we also get Uni-Lazys into circulation so that the product can sell itself. 

Therefore, the "Spread the Laziness" Program was created.  Here is how it works.  Either by email or by leaving a comment on our Contact Us page, let us know what you have done to help spread the word about Forever Lazy.  As long as we feel that you are making a good faith effort, we will issue you a 50% off coupon code (valid for one use) to show our thanks.  Furthermore, if you refer a friend, you will receive that same deal.  Just send us the name(s) of the individual(s) that you have referred, and if they make a purchase, you will get 50% off the purchase of your next Uni-Lazy.

Lastly, we again thank everyone for all of their support thus far and would like to again remind everyone that we take customer feedback seriously.  Any ideas that you may have, big or small, we would love to hear them!  After all, we are doing this for you!


Note:  The coupon code that rewards people for "Spreading the Laziness" will end at the end of this month.  However, the refer a friend promo code is good to go for the long haul.