Step 3: Made a decision to turn our inculcated will and coerced lives over to Lazy as we understood it.

How It Works: Step 3 is where we decide to trust Lazy with our recovery of being caught up in the vortex of a world trying to catch it's tail. We admitted our powerlessness to overcome our addictive, tiring behaviors on our own. We have realized that the Higher Lazy can deliver us from the insanity of our addiction to completing tasks on time and we are ready to give these matters over to this Higher Lazy, as we understand it. We trust the UniLazy can help restore us to a right and sane mind that leads to continuously sloth-like behavior and a life filled with great serenity, power of procrastination, and joyful laziness. We will let the UniLazy be the overall focus of our lives by just putting it on and "letting go". When we give our best effort to the Program, it will work for us as it has worked for countless others.

Like all the remaining Steps, Step Three calls for affirmative action, for it is only by action that we can cut away the insane idea of self motivation which has always blocked the entry of Lazy into our lives. Faith, to be sure, is necessary, but faith alone can use up our limited and valuable energy. Therefore our problem becomes just how and by what specific means shall we be able to let Lazy in? Step Three represents our first attempt to do this. In fact, the effectiveness of the whole L.A. (Lazyholics Anonymous) program rests upon how well and earnestly we come to "a decision to turn our misplaced will and fast-paced lives over to the care of Lazy as we understand it". If we can discover healthy, Lazy-directed ways to meet our emotional and physical needs, then we become more needy, more selfish, and less preoccupied by the world rushing around us. Breaking out of this society-imposed bondage of speedy behavior does not mean we ignore or deny our needs. Discovering what our needs are and asking others to fulfill those needs ("where's the remote?", "bring me some pretzels and spray cheese", or "more cold beer...and open it!") may be one of the most unselfish things we do for ourselves while wearing the UniLazy, the garment of grace.