Step 4

Made a searching, aggressive, and fearlessly amoral inventory of ourselves


How It Works


A probing, invasive, and lasciviously personal inventory sorting through deep confusion and contradictions society placed in our lives preventing us from finding out who we really are. We are starting a new method of living and need to be rid of the burdens and ensnarements which have entwined us and prevented our growth to lazydom. We will search out flaws in our thinking and actions which caused our failure; that self, manifested in various ways, was what defeated us.


It is time to see our addicted minds and contaminated hearts as they truly are rather than through the bottom of a useless O'Doul's glass. We want to find out exactly how, when and where our unnatural desire for drive warped us into a life filled with chaos and insanely inculcated behaviors, rather then towards a semi-conscious life filled with personal contentment and serenity as in the teachings of Lazy Head. By discovering what our politically correct deformities are, we can move towards change. As we approach this step, we are afraid there is a monster inside us that, if released, will intervene and prevent us from taking this crucial leap at all. We no longer need be afraid as the Lazy is with us, lighting the way to free ourselves of living in old, uselessly fast paced patterns.


We need to look back at misled relationship histories with people of misplaced significance in our lives - parents, teachers, mentors, friends, romantic interests. We need to inventory all the ways they have hurt us by practicing their adult addictions, and codependencies, and by bathing us with guilty feelings and shame for “taking the easy way out”. We will seek sponsorship of those who have successfully passed this way before us and continue our trek, in the total comfort, warmth, and protection of our chosen garment, the Uni-Lazy, toward total enlightenment and conceptualization of the teachings of Lazy Head (with it's deep pockets filled with containers of our favorite adult beverages, Cheese Doodles, pretzels, or Goldfish, to nourish mind and soul on the sacred journey).