Tyler and I have decided that the mustache is fading too quickly from our generation and it needs to be brought back to life.  So, we recruited a few of our friends, picked a ‘stache, and let the contest begin! 

What mustache options do we have?  Well, if you happen to be attending the World Beard and Mustache Championships, there are six sub-categories for mustaches: Natural, Hungarian, Dalí, English, Imperial and Freestyle.  However, none of these look as awesome as those that are not included and thus fall into the “Other” category.  These are where the best ‘staches are found.  Such examples from this category include the Walrus (bushy, hanging down over the lips, often entirely covering the mouth), Fu Manchu (long, downward pointing ends, generally beyond the chin), Handlebar (bushy, with small upward pointing ends; ie. baseball’s Rollie Fingers), Toothbrush (thick, but shaved except for about an inch (2.5 cm) in the center), and many others. 

It was a tough decision, but we all decided that the Fu Manchu was going to be the way to go this time.  The Walrus came in at a close second.  The Fu Manchu has been made popular by such icons as Hulk Hogan and Master Splinter from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  



So, we all set the wheels of facial hair growth in motion about two weeks ago.  The contest doesn’t have a set end date, but rather we are going to see who can keep theirs going the longest without shaving it off.  Let’s be honest, after a while it’s going to start getting pretty ridiculous!

So, here’s how you can win a FREE Uni-Lazy… Send in pictures of your sweet ‘stache to contact@foreverlazy.com by the end of July (July 31, 2010) to be entered to win.  This will give people plenty of time to grow something awesome if they have to start from scratch like we have.  And for the ladies out there… well, the next contest we will make for you!

Stay lazy,

Forever Lazy

PS- Pictures of our 'staches will follow shortly.