We at Forever Lazy love napping, especially in our Uni-Lazies.  We love it so much that we dedicate a mandatory half hour to napping somewhere between 2 PM and 3:30 PM every day.  If any Forever Lazy worker does not adhere to this policy, it is grounds for automatic termination! 

Why are we so dedicated to napping?  The answer is not because we are lazy (…NOT!!) but because we strive to run the most efficient and productive business possible on a daily basis.  You may think we are justifying our laziness but really its science… at least according to the National Sleep Foundation.

“The body’s clock is set with two distinct dips in alertness within a 24-hour period: one at about 2 a.m. and another at about 2 p.m., corresponding to the midday dip…Studies show that taking a nap is a great way to increase alertness and reaction times, improve mood, and reduce accidents.” And conversely, chronic sleep deprivation can lead to significantly blunted cognitive performance (operating on a just a few hours of sleep is functionally similar to operating on just a few beers), weaken the immune system, and even contribute to more serious conditions like heart disease and obesity.

Here at Forever Lazy, we endorse any activity, however unorthodox, that improves our customer service and better enables us to make this world a lazier place, one lazy at a time. If a few minutes of shuteye yield a few hours of focused, energetic work, then that’s certainly a worthwhile ROI.  In summary, Napping=Increasing Returns to Laziness.