Welcome to the inaugural Forever Lazy Blog post.  

As I write this, I am sitting at my desk at my “real job” which thrillingly enough will be my “no more job” in give-or-take 8 days, 3 hours, 34 minutes and 37 seconds.  Although I am anxiously awaiting the final hour on my final day, I must say I am going to miss getting paid to sit in my cubicle and write blog posts about being lazy.  And to cover my tracks for this afternoon, I appear to have successfully pulled a “George Costanza” with papers strewn about all over my desk and having loudly proclaimed, “I just have too much stuff to do today, I’m sorry I can’t help anyone today!”  You see, this should buy me three hours of peace and quiet as I type, type, type away. 

Anyways, on to the actual blog post itself.  The Forever Lazy Blog will basically be your one stop shop for everything that is going on with Forever Lazy.  We will continually use this blog to give updates on new styles, fabrics, and product launches. This can also be a great forum for Forever Lazy customers to share their feedback and submit ideas of their own.  After all, our primary goal is to make this company a user generated company—meaning we will run Forever Lazy in accordance with what our consumers demand!  Readers will also be able to have an in depth look at the transition the founders are undertaking in leaving their “real world jobs” and entering the realm of the self-employed.  Readers will be able to gain insight into the successes (and failures), and all of the trials and tribulations endured along the way in trying to grow a business.   

Despite blogging about what’s going on with Forever Lazy, expect the unexpected with various other random blog posts.  Whether we delve into our personal lives, pop culture or whatever else, nothing is off limits.  Lastly, there will be plenty of posts dissecting the founders’ theory of Lazynomics, which carefully examines how to maximize an individual’s overall laziness.   

Well, unfortunately for me this blog entry only took 29 minutes, which means I have approximately 3 hours and 5 minutes that I need to spend staring at Excel spreadsheets.