If anybody has been wondering what the 2015 Winter has in store following the bitterly cold and snow filled Winter of 2014, the Farmers Almanac has just released its upcoming Winter Forecast.  Let's just say you will need some ultra warm onesies from Forever Lazy to surive this winter.   "The winter of 2014-1015 will see below-normal termperatures for about three-quarters of the nation.  A large zone of very cold temperatures will be found from east of the Continental Divide east to the Appalachians.  The most frigid temperatures will be found from the Northern Plains into the Great Lakes.  No region will see prolonged spells of above-normal temperatures; only near the West and East coasts will temperatures average close to normal." So I'm sure that leads you to ask, "What lazy will best suit this frigid Winter?" Our new line of Sweatshirt Onesies are the heaviest lazies we carry.  They are made of 80% Polyester / 20% Cotton 400 gsm fabric.  We basically sought out the heaviest sweatshirt fabric we could find so we could make the most heavy duty onesie possible.  Our new line of Sweatshirt Onesies comes in Black, Blue, Gray, and Light Pink. Pink Sweatshirt LazyGray Sweatshirt OnesieBlack Sweatshirt OnesiesBlue Sweatshirt Onesie Pajama