At Forever Lazy our #1 goal has always been to provide our customers with an easy and worry-free shopping experience.  We realize the hesitancies people have with shopping online.  Personally, I worry about shopping online because I can't try on my clothes before I buy... so there's no way to ensure a perect fit.  I also don't want to worry about sifting through and trying to comprehend a cumbersome return policy if I am not satisfied with my purchase.

We figure that the best way to take care of people's hesitancies is to enact the most straight forward and generous policies possible to our customers; making it such that our customers have literally nothing to lose by shopping with us!

Henceforth, we are providing Free Shipping on all outbound Home Delivery shipping within the United States AS WELL AS Free Return Shipping within 90 days for ANY reason.  We guarantee that you wont find a better deal than that anywhere!

People tell us all the time that you need to make money on shipping... we couldn't disagree more.  People also have warned us against such a generous return policy, fearing massive abuse.  Our response is this: simply put, we trust our Forever Lazy shoppers and most importantly we trust that our product will sell itself once worn by our customers.  We just feel THAT confident about our product!

We realize that in the long run we won't make our money by charging shipping, but we are certain that we can grow our business if we can actually get people in our Uni-Lazys.

You have nothing to lose...try our Uni-Lazys, and if you aren't satisfied you will not have lost a single cent in returning our product!