Embroidery & Customizations

There is no better gift than the gift of laziness. The only thing better is being able to personalize your onesie with text or a logo to mark your claim to the ultimate lazy garment!

Left Chest



Step One

Select the Forever Lazy that will maximize your lethargy while wearing.

Step Two

Select from our various text options and colors to personalize your Forever Lazy. We can also accommodate custom logos or images.

Step Three

Select the embroidery location. We offer Left Chest embroidery for $10, Butt embroidery for $15, or Upper Back Embroidery for $15. Lettering on Butt and Back embroidery is about 2-3 inches tall, Left Chest lettering about 1 inch tall.

Step Four

Type out what you want the embroidery to read in the text field box. There is a 10 character limit.

Custom Artwork

We can also accommodate custom logos or images. There is no minium required for custom logos or images, however additional charges may apply for orders less than 10 units. Send us an email at contact@foreverlazy.com and attach the image you would like embroidered along with the required dimensions and location of the embroidery. Then within 24 hours we will respond with a quote.